Why can't you find the answers you need in your data?

Answering this question is our obsession. We have spent years of research, millions of dollars in technology development, and hundreds of thousands of engineering hours on use cases. We have found the key for unlocking critical insight into your enterprise's intel information.
Your data has hidden value
Using a unique and powerful approach, we can finally make sense of the diverse data that you need to join together from disparate systems in your enterprise.

Our technology solutions employ human-like logical models that bind in subject matter expertise to automatically interpret your data. This knowledge is data-about-data that is leveraged to find the needle-in-the-haystack answers that conventional analysis will never uncover. Our large-scale cloud computing model also provides the infrastructure required to support analytics and reasoning across very big and complex data graphs—fast enough to empower modern situational awareness.

Pay Attention To What Really Matters
In intelligence analysis, the goal is time-critical, lifesaving, and just-in-time decision making. As facts related to a changing situation stream in—such as key information linkages, important correlations, and association discoveries—patterns of threat need to be automatically brought to the analyst’s attention. Discovered info about threat capacity, malicious intent, and opportunity to do harm needs to be quickly and reliably assessed; its importance vetted; and the results escalated to the need-to-know personnel. Our systems span from inbound data fusion, through information discovery and analysis, to collaborative user tools.